Physicians have the Hippocratic oath. The Enterprise has the Prime Directive. While the patients we operate on are generally mechanical, and we don’t mind interfering with civilizations so long as we are doing something positive, Quantum Signal’s mission is to research, develop, and deliver key enabling technology solutions and products to our customers and partners. We are a customer centric, solution focused technology developer:

  • QS is customer centric – we work to help our customer’s pain go away
  • QS is solution focused – we focus on creating solutions that solve problems
  • QS is a technology developer – we create and leverage technology as part of our solutions

This mission keeps us focused on what is most important: building solutions that meet the real-world needs of our customers. Our technologies and products work, and work well – which is why QS’ solutions are used all over the world in offices, labs, retail, roadways, game-rooms, and more. We do not stop until the job is done and our customer is highly satisfied.


We’re not new to engineering, and QS isn’t a startup. QS is a Limited Liability Company, launched in 1999 by its co-founders, Dr. William J. Williams and Dr. Mitchell M. Rohde, as a spin-off of the University of Michigan College of Engineering. Dr. Williams was a 35-year veteran faculty member with an extensive reputation in advanced signal processing and a pioneer in Time Frequency Analysis, while Dr. Rohde was a newly minted PhD with experience in electrical and biomedical engineering, a knack for electronics and hardware hacking, and a life-long passion for robots. Long before Big Data and AI became the rage, they built QS with the notion that creating and applying intelligent algorithms to extract useful information from noisy data could change the way many industries operate.

The company received its first contract from a major automotive OEM in April 2000, and in October of that year, moved to its first 450 square-foot "headquarters" in the historical Northern Brewery in Ann Arbor. QS also exclusively licensed two key patents of Dr. Williams' technology from the University of Michigan in early 2001.

Over the next several years, QS applied their highly versatile technology to solve a wide range of problems, including enhanced automotive crash analysis, solve noise and vibration issues, enhance defense communications, and develop new speaker verification based security. In addition to providing consulting, education, and contract R&D, QS continued to develop in-house technologies for future commercialization. This in-house technology research lead to a three-year, $1.83M grant from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Advanced Technology Program (ATP) in October 2002. The focus of QS’ ATP program was on developing and extending the company's unique, patented pattern recognition technology for biometrics applications. It helped QS expand to triple its space and staff, moving to a new office in Northeast Ann Arbor across from synthetic aperture radar pioneers ERIM International. Novel, advanced face and speech-based biometric algorithms were developed under this grant, and some of the technology from this program is in use today in police stations, retail stores, and laboratories around the world.

QS continued to work on other technologies concurrently with the biometrics program, and was recognized for some of its non-biometrics related contributions in Advanced Manufacturing by the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) in 2002. As the company grew, so did the capabilities and pursuit of strategic areas. In 2004, QS formed a new modeling and simulation (M&S) group to bring video gaming technology to more "serious" training and engineering applications. QS demonstrated the first "GTSI" trainer for the Army, leveraging Xboxes and demonstrating the usefulness of interactive software and low-cost hardware in the military vehicle development process.

In 2005, QS moved its headquarters to a larger location in South Ann Arbor and launched an effort to develop advanced ground robotics solutions and make them more intelligent and easy to use. Both the M&S and robotics efforts have grown and flourished since their inception, completing over a dozen major efforts and delivered state-of-the-art products to many customers.

In 2010, QS expanded again, being awarded a Michigan MEGA tax credit and acquiring/relocating to its current headquarters in historic Union School in Saline, Michigan. This move provided 42,000 square feet of unique, flexible space that reflected the companies value and culture. The move resulted in a nomination for Ann Arbor Deal of the Year in 2010 and QS was named to Crains Detroit's 25 Companies to Watch in 2010. In 2013, QS was featured by the Detroit News for its innovative culture and environment. In 2014, QS made history when it was awarded the first autonomous vehicle testing license plates in the State of Michigan, and in 2016, demonstrated the first autonomous security robotic system engineered for harsh-weather environments.

Over the next several years, QS continued to refine its technologies, services, and solutions, including a heavy focus on growing efforts related to development of new sensing, perception, and control systems for ground robotics as well as expanding its ANVEL M&S software capabilities and userbase.

What are we up to now? We’re working on the future, and making history. Everyday. For our clients.

QS’ Innovative HQ and Culture

Great ideas and innovation lay at the heart of everything we do, and creating and nourishing a culture that supports creativity has been a bedrock principle of the organization since day one. In 2010, we took the opportunity to acquire historic Union School in Saline, Michigan, which had been in operation as a school since it was launched in 1930. QS invested to transform it from educational facility to high-tech workspace. Classrooms became offices, storage space became an autonomous vehicle garage, art rooms became mechanical and electrical labs, and the three-acre plot transformed into testing for surveillance and robots systems as well as staff picnicking. The 42,000 square-foot facility reflects the creative, inquisitive, learning-based that exists at QS each and every day. It contains all the tools and resources necessary to address the wide array of systems engineering and technology development that goes into and facilitates the development of next-gen solutions rain or shine, day and night, 365 per year. Unique features abound:

  • Game Lounge: this fun area helps staff feed their minds and "explore" current and historic gaming technologies, crash when tired from late-night coding, go head-to-head with their colleagues in hard-core strategy adventures on game night, or drop their kids when school is cancelled and they need to be local to mom/dad.
  • Gymnasium: the old-school wood plank floor gym provides an active place for the team to blow off steam; from running laps, to shooting hoops, to climbing ropes, to twice-per-week lunchtime volleyball – it’s always open 24/7, complete with fully restored men’s and women’s locker rooms to get rid of the sweat! Oh, and the gym also serves as our indoor robot testing facility...
  • "Space Invaders" Break Room: team members can store, heat, or eat their lunch here, get a coffee or pop, grab a snack, check out the announcements board, or see how they stack up in one of our old-school arcade game tourneys. Did we mention the crazy-good doughnuts or BBQs?
  • Performance Stage: If you’re ready to show your co-workers your crazy-great karaoke skills, show off your banjo skills, or finally get to premiere that one-man/woman show you’ve been working on, we’ve got the venue for you!
  • Nuke Shelter: originally intended to protect students in case of attack, this 80’x15’ room has super-thick walls and a bunkerish, other-worldly feel. We are dedicated to the safety and security of our staff, before AND after the apocalypse hits.
  • Dungeon: the QS dungeon was originally a coal room, but now serves as an "inspiration" chamber for team members. More bugs, more inspiration time – that’s the rule.
  • The bottom line is: if you’re looking for an engineering company whose defines "serious" by the number of neckties worn, ISO certificates, or corporate monoculture, you’ve come to the wrong place. If, however, the serious you are looking for is the creativity and quality of the solution, we’re here and ready to help you build the future!


    QS has built an outstanding management team, with a plethora of skills, a unique background, and a driving desire to make customers happy through award winning solutions. Management team members include:

    Mitchell M. Rohde, Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer

    Email: mrohde@quantumsignal.com
    Ph.D. Biomedical Engineering University of Michigan
    M.S. Electrical Engineering Systems University of Michigan
    M.S. Biomedical Engineering University of Michigan
    B.S. Electrical Engineering University of Michigan

    Mitch co-founded Quantum Signal following his graduation from the University of Michigan in 1999. Since that time, he has grown the company from a tiny startup into a powerful engineering research and development organization, building solutions that are in use across many fields and around the world. Mitch lives and breathes engineering, and has designed, built, and tested such diverse devices as biomedical instruments, autonomous vehicles, forensic appliances, surveillance systems, and more. Over the past twenty years, he has spearheaded and directed dozens of advanced research and development projects and product development efforts for clients in the public and private sectors. Mitch has specific expertise in signal and image processing, robotics, real-time instrumentation, neural interfaces, and measurement systems, and has a wide variety of patents and publications. He also is an avid collector and restorer of arcade games, with over 150 pieces in his unique collection. Mitch is a member of Sigma Xi, NDIA, AUSA, IEEE, Eta Kappa Nu, and Tau Beta Pi.

    Robert M. Lupa, Chief Technology Officer

    Email: rlupa@quantumsignal.com
    B.S. Computer Science, Oakland University

    Mr. Lupa is the Chief Technology Officer at Quantum Signal. He oversees all technical programs and direction, including efforts in mobile robotics, data mining, simulation, and more. Rob holds a BS in Computer Science from Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan and has over 25 years of professional software development experience. Amongst a number of positions, he was formerly Chief Architect for the multimedia collaboration client (CUseeMe) at White Pine Software, where he developed video processing, encoding, and multimedia communication technology. Rob has also previously worked at Sprint PCS, and has experience designing, programming, and deploying scalable software applications. Rob specializes in software development related to high performance networking, real-time media and scalable architecture. He is also an experienced restauranteur, and previously created and operated a highly successful eatery in Mt. Vernon, Illinois.

    Ms. Disa Webb, CPA, Chief Financial Officer

    Email: dwebb@quantumsignal.com
    BBA Eastern Michigan University

    Ms. Webb serves as QS’ Chief Financial Officer. In her role, she provides oversight in accounting, financial reporting, and assorted business operations. Disa spent over 20 years in public accounting where she formed a team of consultants who provided small to medium size businesses with accounting, tax, and consulting services. Her wealth of experience and attention to detail ensures the company stays in compliance and in a position to grow and thrive. In her non-existent spare time, Disa likes to hike the volcanoes and glaciers of Iceland, from where her family originally hails. She is a member of MACPA and AICPA.

    Ms. Nicole Cushing, Contracting Lead

    Email: ncushing@quantumsignal.com
    B.S. Biological Sciences '02 Siena Heights University

    Ms. Cushing serves as QS' Contracting Lead and Operations Manager. Nicole came to QS with an extensive background in customer service and client management, including diverse work in real estate tax, insurance, cabinet manufacturing, and more. Nicole joined the QS team in 2002 as one of the original six staffers, leading a critical multi-year biometrics experiment in the company’s formative years. Her role has grown extensively and shifted to the business side, supporting all aspects of the contracting process from the initial proposal to closeout. She has years of experience in Federal contracting support and compliance, including managing activities related to incurred cost audits, invoicing, property control, and related areas. In addition to her contracting responsibilities, Nicole also currently oversees day-to-day facility operations and staff, ensuring the office runs efficiently and effectively. In her (non-existent) spare time, she enjoys teaching children's classes in the evenings and coordinating and hosting interactive, sea-life focused events for educational purposes.

    Steve M. Rohde, Ph.D., Director of Vehicle Platforms and Engineering (Emeritus)

    Email: steve@quantumsignal.com
    Ph.D. Mathematics Lehigh University
    M.S. Mathematics Lehigh University
    B.S. Electrical Engineering New Jersey Institute of Technology

    Dr. Rohde is the Director of Vehicle Platforms and Engineering Emeritus. He is a widely recognized authority on the role of mathematics and computers in automotive engineering. He recently retired as Technical Director for Global Technology Planning, Electrical and Controls Technology, Virtual Reality, and Training and Communications in General Motors' Math-Based activity. Dr. Rohde has served in a number of capacities on the American Society of Mechanical Engineering (ASME) leadership committees, and was Chairman of Executive Committees of the ASME Computers in Engineering and Tribology Divisions. He has authored over 100 papers, edited nine books, and holds several patents. Dr. Rohde has received numerous honors and awards from such organizations as the ASME, the American Society of Testing Materials (ASTM), and the Institution of Mechanical Engineers. He has given a wide range of invited talks at Universities, conferences, and organizations worldwide, and was named a "Distinguished Fellow" of the ASME in 2004. Dr. Rohde is a member of SAE, Tau Beta Pi, Eta Kappa Nu, Sigma Xi, and Fellow of the ASME.

    William J. Williams, Ph.D., Chief Scientist (Emeritus)

    Email: williams@quantumsignal.com
    Ph.D. Electrical Engineering, University of Iowa
    M.S. Electrical Engineering, University of Iowa
    M.S. Physiology, University of Michigan
    B.S. Electrical Engineering, Ohio State University

    Dr. Williams co-founded Quantum Signal and is the Chief Scientist Emeritus. He is a recognized expert in the field of signal processing, and has published over 170 articles in such highly regarded journals as Proceedings of the IEEE, IEEE Transactions on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing, Physica D, and Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing. He has written book chapters and given seminars at some of the world's most highly respected institutions. As a professor at the University of Michigan Ann Arbor, Dr. Williams has developed and taught professional education courses in advanced signal processing techniques to engineers in a wide variety of industrial pursuits. He holds several patents and is widely known for his contributions to the field of joint time-frequency analysis. Dr. Williams is an IEEE Fellow and member of Sigma Xi and Tau Beta Pi.


    At QS, we work with clients to build new products and technologies based on state-of-the-art algorithms and software. Many of our projects, programs, and products revolve around intelligent ground vehicles and mobile robotics. Markets include homeland security, defense, automotive, consumer products, and anything else where there’s a client with a requirement and the need for a smart, driven engineering team. If you have what it takes (US citizenship, motivation, and enjoy vintage arcade games), look through our job postings and send us your resume!

    Join Our Team


    Our game lounge and hallways are stocked with plenty of unique, fun arcade goodness from the 1930s through the 1990s. They don’t always work, but when they do it’s absolutely Back to the Future. Getting’ it on like Donkey Kong...


    Salt Springs Brewery in Saline is a favorite amongst our staff, and located in an antique church. Few know that QS actually considered purchasing the building long before it was renovated into the awesome brewpub it is today. We are very happy things turned out the way they did – they make the beer at the Church of Hops, we do the engineering at the School of Code!


    QS is a 1999 spin-off of the University of Michigan College of Engineering. Don’t worry, though – there’s no rivalry at Quantum. MSU fans and graduates are welcome, and we mostly try not to put their desks in the basement torture chamber. Mostly.


    QS fielded two outstanding teams at the most recent Saline Celtic Festival Mastodon Challenge! Is there’s any question as to whether we’re hard-core or not, consider this: Bill Meabrod, one of our esteemed coders, did it barefoot using his self-described “Hobbit Feet” on the entire mission.


    Each year QS hosts a Halloween costume contest, and few can resist to throw in their hat. At a recent one, CEO Mitch Rohde rocked his Tron costume – showing both his dorkiness and vintage all in one disturbing swoop! End of line.


    Working out the kinks in vehicle teleoperation can be fun; from a safe distance of course!


    Weekly volleyball matches get pretty intense at Quantum Signal. The gym is regulation, the players not-so-much. It’s like the volleyball scene from Top Gun, minus the sand and plus the C++ experience level...


    QS doesn’t just keep soldiers safe – we’re also single-handedly responsible for the return of waffle fries at Dan's Downtown Tavern, one of our favorite lunch spots. Now, about those curly fries...


    Sometimes it's a trip to Cedar Point, other times a t-shirt and BBQ lunch, and still other times an engineering-grade sheetcake. Don't worry, we make management eat the non-chocolate parts.


    QS' co-founder, Dr. William J. Williams, is named after a famous figure in Scottish history. He is also a distant cousin of Bob Evans, of restaurant fame!


    QS has built a variety of virtual animals for M&S environments, including a friendly goat with an accurate gate and simulated hoof forces. Yes, we were contracted to do it. Yes, we will tell you the story if you buy us a beer...


    "What are you milling Kevin?" - "A girlfriend. She'll be perfect."


    Back in 1931, this facility housed the finest Saline athletes. Today, it houses the finest Saline MATHLETES!


    James Walker, our in-house Robot Whisperer, once emerged victorious from a Wendy’s "Meat Cube" challenge. Hard-core coding, hard core burger consumption – that’s the QS way.


    Dan Rice, QS Quality Assurance Maestro and all around cool dude, majored in philosophy and once wrote a paper on Aristotle's Philosophy of Mind! His tickets are more Socrates than Nietzsche, though.


    We figure being nice to the 'bots now will help ingratiate us with our future robot overlords.


    In 2014/2015 QS built and released a little game called "Rustbucket Rumble" – a casual multi-robot mash-em-up craze-fest. It had a fanbase, but didn’t make it big enough to warrant a sequel. Still, we miss those little critters...


    We'll assume this was a comment on the political situation and not our codebase….