Case Study : Base ADAPT

Interactive Military Base Layout Tools

Designing and constructing forward operating bases (FOBs) and other small military installations can be daunting. Planners must balance survivability with functionality in locations that may have less-than-ideal access or terrain. Each element of the base must be laid out and constructed to specification. Designers must understand the requirements, timing and protective levels throughout the build process. Failure to plan properly can leave personnel and equipment vulnerable to attack. To address this challenge, QS worked with the US Army to develop the Base Assessment, Design, Analysis and Planning Tool (Base ADAPT).

Base ADAPT is a software application that allows base camp designers to plan and assess protection for base camps during transitional phases, when the safety of personnel and equipment is most at risk. It includes construction/teardown schedule management, resource loading/leveling, risk assessment, and more, all on a desktop or laptop PC platform with an extremely intuitive, point-and-drag user interface. Base ADAPT combined game-style interactivity, engineering models, and good design to yield an extraordinary tool for building and analyzing virtual forward operating bases (VFOBs). If you’ve got an idea for a product like Base ADAPT, we’re ready to help you make it reality!