Case Study : Look Out

A Driver’s Training Tool Using Virtual Environments

LookOut is an interactive, highly-visualized driver’s training application developed under the sponsorship of the US Department of Transportation (DoT). Lack of experience perceiving and responding to hazards is estimated to contribute to accidents causing hundreds or thousands of injuries and deaths in inexperienced drivers each year, and the US DoT was (and is) looking for solutions to help address this problem. The focus of the LookOut program was to build a friendly, easy-to-use, game-like training tool that introduced inexperienced drivers to the concepts of hazard perception and avoidance.

QS studied the challenge, worked with experts in the driver’s training field, and designed, built, and tested a first-generation LookOut training tool. This tool combined a video-based training portion, interactive training portion, and performance capture to yield an end-to-end trainer that can be used in conjunction with instruction programs or adapted for stand-alone use. Those who used LookOut expressed their appreciation for the tool and its content, which will (hopefully) help them make better decisions on the road and keep them (and others on the road) safer in the long term! QS is proud to have led the LookOut effort!