Case Study : Hunter Systems’ SmartShot

Helping Cops Take Better Photos, and Building Our Clients' Future

We’ve all heard of a “mugshot”, right? When individuals are arrested and processed at a police station, several photographs are taken of their face/head – both front and side views – that become part of their arrest record. In the old days, these shots were taken with traditional photographic equipment and printed using analog techniques. Today, digital photography has taken over, and new solutions are needed. In 2008 QS teamed with Hunter Systems Group, a law enforcement-focused technology provider, to assist in providing police stations with modern equipment to capture “mugshot” images with better quality than ever before. Out of this collaboration came SmartShot – a robust booking photo capture solution that takes the burden off of the officer and ensure NIST-standard compliant imagery. It automatically tracks and frames faces, measures lighting, controls the camera, and captures compliant images at the click of a button. These images can then be uploaded to law enforcement databases, used in face-recognition programs, and similar. QS developed SmartShot end-to-end for Hunter, leveraging QS’ facial tracking software to leap the product forward quickly and economically.

SmartShot includes both a desktop version and an OEM version that can be integrated with common law-enforcement workflow automation packages. QS also helped Hunter expand the product by developing a pan-tilt capability specifically for SmartShot, enabling capture of distinctive tattoos outside the face area. The product is highly successful and is in use in hundreds of police stations inside and outside the US, and QS is proud to continue to support SmartShot and Hunter Systems!