Case Study : Visualization Authoring Tool System (VATS)

Photo-realistic Videos Authoring for HPC-Based Simulation Data

Overwhelmed with reams of collected or simulated data, each and every day engineers face the daunting task of extracting information and insights that will help drive decision making on the systems they are analyzing. Some of these engineers are employed by the US Department of Defense, which maintains a massive engineering M&S capability that includes advanced high-fidelity simulations of vehicles (ground, air, water, etc.) running on high performance computing (HPC) platforms and generating hundreds of terabytes on a daily basis. In trying to understand and engineer vehicle performance, the Department of Defense (DoD) turned to QS to build a new visualization capability. VATS helps engineers leverage and visualize data as photo-realistic simulated videos.

The system combines an easy-to-use desktop authoring client with a custom-engineered server rendering toolchain that runs on the customer's HPC infrastructure. Data can be pulled from any number of M&S tools, imported into VATS, tied to three-dimensional graphical models, composed in scenes (with cameras, annotations, and more added features), then rendered in photo-realistic fashion by the server system. VATS demonstrates how QS' attention to client needs, understanding of visualization technologies, core technical capabilities, and drive to build effective solutions come together to help a customer with extremely demanding requirements!