Customer Success Story: OSRAM PASS Lab Management System

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OSRAM Opto Semiconductors ranks among the world's leading manufacturers of opto-electronic semiconductors and is considered to be an authority on innovative light technologies. For nearly 40 years, the innovation leader's high-quality opto-electronic semiconductors have been setting standards in a wide variety of applications. The extensive product portfolio encompasses components for the fields of illumination, visualization and sensor systems. The best-known products are high-efficiency light-emitting diodes (LEDs), semiconductor lasers and infrared diodes (IREDs) detectors. OSRAM’s salesforce and engineering staff works hard to ensure a great match between customer, application, and LED product, and the process that leads to that sometimes involves specialized testing in OSRAM labs throughout the world.

Why do we mention this? Because when OSRAM was looking for a solution to help streamline their Premium Application Support Services workflow, they came to Quantum Signal. The QS web team worked directly with OSRAM staff to understand their business rules, documenting requirements and capturing nuances to ensure the eventual product would meet their needs. Using this information, QS architected a flexible browser-based solution that was implemented, tested, deployed, and is currently being used to help manage these services worldwide.

The relationship didn’t end when the system went live, however; as OSRAMs needs have grown, QS has been there to provide upgrades and support as needed. Like all of our projects, QS’ success hinges on that of our customer, and we’re here to make sure that happens. Always.

Browser-based solutions are becoming increasingly popular due to ease-of-use and accessibility. Whether your organization needs an Internet-facing application or one restricted to your internal company network, QS developers are ready to assist.

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