Quantum Signal is a research and development company that works with clients to build new products and technologies based on state-of-the-art algorithms and software

Forensics and Biometrics: We're building state-of-the-art tools for forensics labs, law enforcement, and security professionals. Do you need advanced video enhancement? How about robust human face analysis?

Robotics:  We're creating the future of unmanned vehicle control! Does your robot need better "eyes" to see where it's going and avoid obstacles? How about teaching it to analyze the terrain and predict if they'll get stuck?

Video Analytics:  We're making tools that extract data from video. Would you like to use video cameras for data collection? Quantum Signal can develop sign reading capabilities for any country and language, especially useful for road signs.

Simulation:  We're leveraging killer video game technologies to generate serious simulation tools. Want real-time simulators that look like they're on the PS3 but with validated models and output data you can rely on?