DRIVER: High-Speed Teleoperation Technology for Your Platform
Fast, efficient, intuitive control that anyone can use!

Quantum Signal introduces DRIVER—the Data Rich Interface for Vehicle Remote Operation. DRIVER is an innovative new control system that helps you teleoperate unmanned ground vehicles intuitively, efficiently, and effectively. Engineered specifically for high-speed UGV control, DRIVER provides an immersive, multi-sensory driving experience that can be operated after just a few minutes of training. DRIVER enhances UGV control by combining a user-friendly operator control unit, onboard sensing and control, and a state-of-the-art software infrastructure. DRIVER can be used on multiple classes of UGVs, from man-portable to UTV class and beyond.

DRIVER simulation image

A teleoperator drives a UGV from the DRIVER OCU

What's the Problem, and Why Use DRIVER?

In-vehicle drivers benefit from using multi-sensory cues to easily understand the vehicle's condition and its interaction with the terrain while using well-engineered, well-refined controls. However, UGV teleoperators generally receive low-speed, fixed-angle video, limited audio, and little or no force feedback. They must remotely pilot a ground vehicle with a jumbled collection of buttons, joysticks, and paddles. This can make it difficult to perform even the most basic driving tasks, including avoiding obstacles or navigating a real-world environment in any meaningful manner. This problem is exacerbated at higher speeds, and a teleoperator can easily and inadvertently pilot a UGV into a ditch or roll it over. DRIVER was developed to overcome these issues.

DRIVER simulation image

Teleoperator's immersive video display

How DRIVER Makes Teleoperation Easy

DRIVER combines multiple technologies into a well-integrated, seamless control system for your UGV. The unique operator control unit (OCU) approach incorporates standard wheel and pedal controls, a head-mounted display, haptic and audio feedback, and a familiar user interface to yield a solution that is quick to learn and easy to use. The immersive video display matches the operator's head position to provide 360-degree “you are there” vision with extraordinarily low latency. The onboard sensing and control package helps to protect the vehicle by automatically making steering and speed corrections when it senses that the vehicle is in danger of tipping over. DRIVER software provides end-to-end, intelligent management of the interface, sensing, and communications and optimizes to accommodate communication links with limited or constantly changing bandwidth. Moreover, DRIVER can be combined with semi-autonomous and autonomous control schemes such as point-and-go technology, obstacle detection and avoidance, and more to help lighten the cognitive burden on the operator.

Features at a Glance

  • Improves teleoperation across a wide range of speeds
  • Easily adaptable to UGVs of all classes
  • Comfortable, portable OCU with intuitive interface emulates in-vehicle driving
  • Integrates with many kinds of sensing packages
  • Immersive, low-latency 360-degree video with virtual pan-tilt
  • QS Stability Box with real-time monitoring greatly reduces risk of rollover
  • Intelligent speed governor
  • Adaptive video handling and bandwidth management, useful at differing/varying bandwidths
  • Training time less than 10 minutes in most cases
  • Works with Windows or Linux operating systems

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