PointCom: Making Robotic Vehicles Easier to Pilot
QS pioneered UGV point-and-go intuitive control technology

Unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs) and robotic systems are playing an increasingly large role with our armed forces, and control systems are critical to their success. Most current systems are controlled via teleoperation (remote control) much like a teenager's radio-controlled cars or planes. These fully teleoperated devices require constant focus and mastery of controls and are thus manpower and attention intensive. While researchers and developers continue to study and improve autonomy technologies that might make these robots completely independent (autonomous), the technologies of today are not thought to be sufficiently robust for full autonomy under most real-world UGV applications.

The PointCom system (short for Point-and-Go™ Command) enables soldiers or other users to control UGVs through simple taps or draws on a mobile computing (i.e. tablet or PDA) interface. By fusing proprietary image processing methods with advanced navigation algorithms, and displaying the results with interface techniques drawn from the commercial video game industry, PointCom delivers a simple, robust navigation technology that can be used to command one UGV or a dozen.

Since 2006 Quantum has integrated the PointCom system with robots of different classes and configurations, including the outstanding (Harris Redhawk) system leveraging a state-of-the-art haptic controller. Point, and the robot goes to where you Command it. Can it get any simpler? For more information on how PointCom can make your robots easier to control, please contact us at robotics@quantumsignal.com


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