Base Planning & Analysis Tool (Base ADAPT)

Better Planning for Better Protection
Effectively plan and assess force protection during base construction and teardown

Designing and constructing forward operating bases (FOBs) and other small military installations can be daunting. Planners must balance survivability with functionality in locations that may have less-than-ideal access or terrain. Each element of the base must be laid out and constructed to specification. Designers must understand the requirements, timing and protective levels throughout the build process. Failure to plan properly can leave personnel and equipment vulnerable to attack. To address this challenge, Quantum Signal has been working with US Army ERDC to develop Base ADAPT (Base Assessment, Design, Analysis and Planning Tool). Base ADAPT is a new software application that allows base camp designers to plan and assess protection for base camps during transitional phases, when the safety of personnel and equipment is most at risk.

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Base ADAPT lets you quickly and easily design the base layout.

Not Your Typical Project Management Software

Base ADAPT allows base planners to interactively and visually design a site-specific base and plan its construction for increased safety and protection. With Base ADAPT, you can view the base in a 3D virtual environment, analyze the design for protection against potential threats, quickly and easily generate a construction schedule, and export schematics.

Design Bases. Designers can plan bases using imported topographic data or create their own custom virtual terrain from scratch. Making a base is as easy as dragging and dropping objects into place. You can customize the properties of any object and define all of the materials and equipment used for construction.

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Easily modify any detail of the construction schedule.

Plan Construction. After the base design is complete, Base ADAPT automatically builds a starting schedule that includes construction tasks and resource distributions. Designers can then modify the schedule by rearranging tasks and reallocating resources. Schedules can be constrained by availability of manpower or equipment.

Analyze Protection. Base ADAPT helps planners understand protection and survivability. Range and line-of-sight information can be quickly and easily visualized with just a click. Blast effects can be estimated and visually reviewed to ensure the proper level of protection is in place. Will that hillside mortar be able to reach and destroy your guard position? Base ADAPT can help you figure that out!

Intelligent base planning, analysis tools, and automated scheduling. With Base ADAPT, base camp deployment is both safer and more efficient.

Features at a Glance

  • Create new terrains by importing DTED2 data or using powerful sculpting tools.
  • Add custom tasks to schedule patrols or other non-construction activities.
  • Group tasks for efficient scheduling and personnel allocation.
  • Use graphical tools to compute ranges and line-of-sight for weapons, surveillance, and more
  • Print reports and graphs, including construction schedule, risk analysis and bill of materials.

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