Tactical Driving Simulation (TDS)

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Protecting VIPs from Attacks is Not For Amateurs
At QS, VIP protection isn't just a detail...

Keeping a VIP safe requires a myriad of honed skills—sharp eyes, quick reflexes, strong communication, and, perhaps most of all, smart and accurate reactions. These skills can mean the ultimate difference between success and failure, life and death. This is especially true when executing vehicle-based protective details, where coordination and teamwork couple with decision making and driving (and shooting) skills to form a complete protective package. Training such as driving and firearm courses can help trainees develop many of the skills required to serve on a detail. However, teaching the split-second decision making that protective officers need, and measuring trainees' responses, is an entirely separate matter that is not easily or cheaply executed.

DRIVER simulation image

TDS is a complete virtual environment for practicing vehicle-focused protective detail operations.

Critical Experience through Virtual Training

Quantum Signal's Tactical Driving Simulation (TDS) is a software-based training tool that helps reinforce core vehicle-based protective detail operations and enhance decision-making skills. TDS enables entire teams to perform exercises in the virtual and in real time. By combining on-foot and in-vehicle elements, realistic physics, various time-of-day and weather situations, and a realistic 3D environment, TDS provides a training experience that rivals real-world exercises—but without the cost or complexity. In TDS, trainees can coordinate with their colleagues to perform complete, end-to-end virtual operations: pick up VIPs, perform vehicle maneuvers, execute communications, respond to threats, and more. Different roles require different activities and responses, and each trainee coordinates with the team to perform their role as they encounter events both threatening and benign. Trainers can use a myriad of tools provided with TDS to create environments, lay out scenarios, and more. Trainers can observe trainees in real time as they run through scenarios, and they can review the performance using the extensive after-action tool that provides DVR-like replays and extensive detail.

So, What's It Look Like?

See the impressive features of TDS in action!

How Do I Get TDS?

TDS is available at no cost to qualified U.S. government organizations. Quantum Signal can also provide support and work with your team to create customized maps, scenarios, and other content. Let us help you create an impressive visual learning experience that will always be remembered. Contact us today!

Features at a Glance

  • Helps trainees learn vehicle-based protective detail operations more effectively.
  • Flexible, reconfigurable system that can be used to reinforce key concepts.
  • Realistic driving and steering wheel controller support complement real-world driving concepts.
  • Exercises accommodate up to 30 trainees simultaneously.
  • After-Action Review enables instructors and trainees to review performance.
  • Includes a suite of tools for creating your own custom maps, unique scenarios, and vehicle models.

Train at the Next Level!

Get a more complete training experience that rivals real-world operations—affordably and on the fly! Contact us today!


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